Peter Wong Golf Course Photography


Golf Courses are works of art in itself.  To photograph a golf course well, you need patience and a good eye to encapsulate what the architect is trying to do on any particular hole. Another factor in capturing beautiful photos of the golf courses are the green superintendents and their crew. They are up early to mow, rake, fix, trim and many other chores to get the golf course ready for play. I am usually there with the crew in the early morning hours, slightly ahead of them if I want to photograph the dew on the greens and fairways or I follow them as they transform each hole to receive the golfers.

Most golf rounds are played after and before the golden hours of the day. Therefore I am at the golf course early and late with my cameras, lenses and filters photographing and taking advantage of the light. During the golden hours, the light is low and usually has a warm glow. The warm low light creates highlights and shadows giving the holes their character. There will be times when the weather does not help out, this is where having patience will get me beautiful photographs. I will wait as long as I need for that large black cloud to move enough for the sun to peak through, lighting up the terrain. If it does not happen, there is always the next day to do it again.

Please enjoy my photographs of these golf courses and feel free to share my website with other golf fanatics. Contact me if you do not see your favorite or home golf course, I may or may not have photograph it and can make arrangements to do so.

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